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Welcome to Preacher's Illustrations and Jokes version 3. This differs from version 2.00 in that many more Christian quotes have been added as well as many more illustrations and jokes. This version now includes well over 500 Christian illustrations and jokes and approaching 400 Christian quotes and will be updated regularly. 

Please use all the jokes, quotes and illustrations freely, giving the credit to any authors that are mentioned. My prayer is that this database would be an invaluable resource for pastors, Christian teachers and even an inspiration to the lay person who browses through. Many more illustrations, jokes and quotes will be added to this database to form the next version which will be freely available from Rev.Tim's download page.

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If you would like to be informed as to when updates are out just e-mail Rev.Tim at timshen@pacific.net.sg.

How To Use This Offline Version:

You can go directly to the main menu by clicking on the banner below. Alternatively, you can use a site search method, this searches for any word or phrase within this Illustration, Jokes, Quotes directory. To use the Pico Search (online detailed search engine) you need to go to the online version. To search this site offline you can use the Java Search in the above frame or select the 'find' option in your Program Manager (Windows 95+) and then click on 'files or folders' , choose the directory this software is found under (c:/Program Files/Preachers....) and enter your keyword(s) to search. If you wish to go to the original Help File format (not so many illustrations, jokes and quotes) and use the built in search capabilities you can click here.

Use the upper frame to click on what you are looking for (Illustration topic list, jokes or quotes) and the main menu for that option will appear in this frame for you to explore further. Click on 'other links' to see a list of more resources. Clicking on the main page link at any time will bring you back to this page in this frame.

The Java Search in the upper frame is useful AFTER you have checked for what you're looking for in the other menus. It may yield some more useful links but it is not extensive. Sometimes the search results do funny things (a few times i've had to press the 'back' button in my Netscape browser to retrieve them). 

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This Software is Honourware

This software has been distributed freely but much time and effort has gone into it. If you find it useful you are requested to make a small donation (to honour the creator) of at least US$10 for it. For details click here.


Submitting Christian Illustrations, Quotes and Jokes

If you have illustrations, quotes or jokes that can be used in preaching, Christian teaching or for an inspirational message then do e-mail Rev.Tim at timshen@pacific.net.sg under the subject of 'New Illustration', 'New Quote or 'New Joke' and also please recommend topics for the illustration/joke to be placed under. You will be informed as to whether your illustration/joke is suitable for inclusion in the next edition of Preacher's Illustrations, Quotes and Jokes.



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